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Filepedia (pronounced "file-pee-dee-uh") is an open source Win32 archiving tool with multiple features: data redundancy verification, file integrity verifcation, backup verification, software detection and license auditing. Uses PHP, MySQL, and md5.

The Idea:

Database + File Hash = Ultimate Backup Verification

Example Output:

Click here to view an example of what the program output is like. This example shows the program only checking the "C:\Windows\" directory (not recursive) against two backup CDs.


2002-08-31-Sat--8:06am-0400: Filepedia 0.1 now released! To download, visit the Project Summary Page. I need to know if you anyone else can get this to run on their own system. I'm afraid that I may have left some of the settings in the program specified for my computer only. I'd also be really pleased to get the output results from anyone who can get it to run.
2002-08-31-Sat--6:35am-0400: Example output now online. Also, side note: Filezilla now supports SFTP.
2002-08-27-Tue--12:49pm-0400: Nevermind, I figured out to upload and download files.
2002-08-27-Tue--12:40pm-0400: I'm a little confused on how to upload files, but once I figure that out, this page will look much better.

Contact Info:

Filepedia is maintained by Yaginuma. Feel free to contact me regarding any questions you have about this project. I'd love to receive feedback!

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